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  1. Welcome to the Existential Medicine Forum!

    …a message from Peter Wilberg to all current subscribers

    Firstly, I am pleased to announce that the Existential Medicine site, whilst only relatively recently established, has received a lot of interest and thousands of ‘hits’ – despite its relatively narrow small but important target readership. What follows is a report on some updates on the site and its aims.

    For all those who have read the essay entitled Introduction to Existential Medicine (also published in the Journal for Existential Analysis under the title ‘From Existential Psychotherapy to Existential Medicine’) may I remind them that an important second essay following it is also on this site. This has now been made more clear and visible by being placed under the new uppermost heading of my writings entitled Latest Articles.

    As suggested by its title – which refers to The Foundations of Existential Medicine – the aim of this second essay is to rethink what Medard Boss called The Existential Foundations of Medicine. In doing so, it re-inteprets the central Heideggerian notion of Dasein as a foundational awareness or Gewahrsein – thus offering a new understanding of ‘Existential’ or Daseinsanalytic Medicine as Gewahrseinsanalytic or ‘Awareness-Based’ Medicine. Hence also the essay’s subtitle: from Daseinsanalysis to Gewahrseinsanalysis.

    Also included in the new Latest Articles section of the site is a short essay entitled Biomedicine as Money-Driven Medicine. This deals with the inherently sickness-generating nature of capitalist economics, together with the way in which illness has become ‘big business’ – and patients a source of profit for the ‘medical-industrial complex’. The essay was written out of an acute awareness of how not only ‘complementary medicine’ (itself a secondary health ‘industry’) but also proponents and practitioners of psychosomatic, psychoanalytic and even existential approaches to illness tend to either ignore or downplay its social, political and economic dimensions.

    Along with the essays referred to above, the site’s book list now includes three additional recommended works. These are:

    Why People Get Ill? Authored by Darian Leader and David Cornfield, this book offers perhaps the most readable and well-written psychoanalytic approach to illness to be published for decades – and one which even makes significant Lacanian insights into illness accessible to the lay reader.

    Over-Diagnosed – making people sick in the pursuit of health by Dr. H. Gilbert Welch. This is a new and most timely post-Illich challenge to excessive biomedical screening and diagnostic testing and the resulting over-diagnosis and over-treatment of entirely symptom-free patients – often at grave expense to their quality of life.

    Speaking of the pioneering work of Ivan Illich – Medical Nemesis: the Expropriation of Health – I am pleased to say that the whole of the 2nd chapter of this work is now accessible on-line.

    Also added to the books listed on the site ( and despite what would now be seen as its sexist title) is a seemingly out-of-print but nevertheless evermore relevant ‘classic’ – The Doctor, his Patient and the Illness by Michael Balint.

    With regards to the page of the site entitled ‘Life Doctoring – therapy for serious or chronic illness’ this has now been transformed into an independent site under two different domain names ( and ) The new site is intended principally for clients/patients unfamiliar with the language of existential philosophy.

    There is much I would like and intend to add both to this site and its sister site – including case studies and an introduction to some original methods that play a central role on my own practice as a therapist. These involve inviting the patient to not just talk about but also to simply and silently show their felt dis-ease in their facial expression and eyes. This offers an opportunity for the therapist to employ some sophisticated arts of ‘face-reading’ which I teach. Through these a therapist can learn to feel in their own bodies what they see in the face and eyes of their client – and in this way attain a direct bodily and feeling sense of the patient’s inwardly felt ‘dis-ease’. This in turn allows the therapist to their own face and eyes to both mirror and transform that dis-ease through a fully embodied form of inter-subjective resonance. I call this form of therapy (one which requires neither talk nor touch, but is based purely on close-up, face-to-face eye-contact) ‘transformative resonation’. Some brief, but not case-specific descriptions of it can be found in my book on Heidegger, Phenomenology and ‘Scientific Method’ – as well as in a recently published work entitled From Psychosomatics to Soma-Semiotics.

    This brings me to a another purpose of this post to the Forum – namely to emphasise my availability to offer training in ‘existential medicine’ or ‘life doctoring’ – and specifically in the unique practice of silent ‘transformative resonation’ referred to above. In this context I should add that all the forms of training I offer are conducted on a highly-individualised basis, requiring one-to-one training and/or supervision sessions of up to four hours in length (either on a regular bi-weekly or monthly basis, or, for those visiting me from overseas – for periods of one or more weeks).

    Finally, I would like to encourage all current U.K. and international subscribers to contribute themselves to this Forum (not least if they have either case studies of their own to share) as well as inviting them to write to me directly if they wish with any questions they may have. I also invite subscribers resident in the U.K. to participate, here in Whitstable in Kent, in an on-going education, study and discussion group on Existential Medicine and Life Doctoring.

    It is my hope that through further contact with subscribers, authors, therapists, doctors and analysts who share the fundamental goal of this site, i.e. questioning the false division between psychotherapy and somatic medicine – a Society for Existential Medicine (SEM) may eventually be established through which this separation is challenged and overcome – both philosophically and in therapeutic and medical practice. The establishment of a small steering committee for the creation of this Society would be a valuable first step.

    So I also invite any subscribers interested not only in training possibilities but also in this aim to contact me, sharing also relevant information on themselves and on the nature and background of their own interest in Existential Medicine.

    Given the increasing depersonalisation and technologisation of biological medicine, the importance of a fundamental new approach to illness – one which does not isolate it from the entire existential context of the individual’s entire life world – cannot be over-emphasised.

    Any readers of this Forum wishing to share their own experience of illness and of different forms of conventional biomedical diagnosis and treatment are therefore particularly welcome to write to me.


  2. Hi.

    In the last 40 years I have studied and practiced respiratory therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Korean Hand therapy, German and French Auricular Medicine and Therapy, Biofield Medicine ( Reiki and Reconnective Healing ), and Naturopathy. I have also read all of Seth/Jane Roberts books and other New Age litterature. They all had a lot to offer and they were all tools that helped me help others heal.

    I then became exposed to Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s Germanic New Medicine ( aka GNM ) and I finally found the most beautiful medical paradigm that is so logical, so simple, and so scientific unlike all the others which are based on close to 2000 hypotheses, dogmas and superstitions. GNM is totally based on empirical data on ten’s of thousands of cases and lead to the discovery of laws that apply to the biological processes of all people, animals and plants,
    ” the 5 Biological Laws ” in the whole cosmos.

    1. All so called diseases are triggered by an unexpected, dramatic and isolating emotional shock that affects the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ simultaneously.

    2. There are 2 phases to the process, if the conflict is resolved: the conflict active Phase 1, cold, ( sympathetic / fight and flight ) and the healing Phase 2, warm
    ( parasympathetic/ restful healing recuperating). This applies to the triad of Psyche/Brain/Organ.
    — Example: a severe “self devaluation conflict (” I’m
    a horrible doctor” ) will cause a bone cancer or a severe osteoporosis during Phase 1 and during Phase 2, after the conflict has been resolved, will start the healing process of a temporary Leukemia that will rebuild the bone marrow and make the bones stronger for future unexpected conflicts.
    ( think of what conventional medicine does to treat leukemia: chemotherapy/radiation/surgery/ iatrogenic causes of death are close to 800.000/ year: # 1 cause of deaths in the US).

    3. The ontogenesis of biological processes is based on the
    3 Embryonic Layers of our Brain/Body:
    ENDO – MESO – ECTO – dermal layers: Old brain controlled endo and mesodermal tissues have cell proliferation in Phase 1 and cell loss in Phase 2. The rest of the tissue layers ( New brain Mesodermal and Ectodermal , ex.: bones) have Cell Loss in Phase 1 and Cell Proliferation ( repair ) in Phase 2. ( all these modern medicine calls Cell Proliferation, cancers, and bombardes them “with shock and awe ” .

    4. Microbes ( fungi. mycobacteria, bacteria and viruses ) are our friends and they are only active during Phase 2, the healing repair phase and they also have their 3 germ layers.

    5.The Quintessence: diseases are well founded meaningful processes built over millions of years to help us get through an unexpected biological conflict; kind of a second chance.
    Example: a mouse sees the cat, gets a ” death fright conflict “, starts running as the cat is after it. His lungs ( old brain, endodermal ) will start an alveolar cell proliferation so more O2 is processed for the mouse’s survival in Phase 1. Two minutes later the mouse finds a hole too small for the cat to enter; the conflict is resolved leading to Phase 2: healing, rest, recuperation. Being that the conflict phase lasted 2 minutes then the healing phase will also last 2 minutes with unnoticeable healing symptoms. However, when a person is being told that he may have cancer and associates cancer with death he could develop a” death fright conflict ” with cell proliferation in Phase 1 for weeks or months before he resolves it and goes into healing Phase 2 where TB mycobacteria will destroy the extra cells for the same period of time the Phase 1 lasted. If the TB mycobacteria are not available then enkystment, scarification will occur.

    Dr Hamer’s 24 page presentation below is more illuminating.

    Click to access hamer2.pdf

    So is the documentary below which considers this the 3d Wave of Medicine’s journey.

    A very good site:

    Peace and good luck to all on your journeys.

    Nikolin Marini
    305 528 3412

  3. I am new to the site and find the information highly enlightening. I consider myself a new consciousness pioneer and I teach the importance of going deeper and looking at the emotional and energetic imbalances that the physical is reflecting. I also believe that death itself is always a personal choice albeit not usually on a conscious level. But on a soul level one decides to move on to the next level of experience. With this in mind, then even death by medication side effects, by infection while in hospital , by cancer, by any of a number of causes can’t from the soul’s perspective be blamed on circumstances. We all have to die of something. And death is still such a forbidden topic. It is not seen as a healing in itself, as a person’s deeper desire to begin anew. We are conditioned to believe longevity is more important than quality and joy of life. But I am optimistic that more people are awakening to this realization and see the death and transition process as an honored way toward healing.


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