1.    If you are feeling unwell do not think to yourself that ‘you’ are feeling unwell, or that you’ are experiencing this or that physical-mental state or symptom.

2.   Do not even ask why you are feeling the way you are, but whowhich you – is feeling that way.

 3.  Be aware not just of what or how ‘you’ are feeling but how and who it makes you feel – the sense of self that it induces. 

4.   Be aware of your state of being not simply as a mental or physical state but as a distinct self or ‘self-state’ – a distinct you.

5.   Remind yourself also that your current mental and physical state is but one of many ‘self-states’ among others, one self or you among many others.

6.   Now identify with that self which is distinct from each and every you – for it is nothing but the very awareness of any and every self-state that can be experienced.

7.   Feel this self – the awareness self – as a spacious field or pure centre of awareness that is absolutely distinct both from your current self-state or you and from all such self-states.

8.    Choose to allow the you that your current state of being is bringing to the fore to express itself more fully – both in your bodily language and in your thoughts and emotions.

9.    Do not try to heal or change the self or you that is expressing itself through your current state or symptoms but let it gradually change you – allowing it to alter the way you feel your self as a whole – your whole self or ‘soul’.

10.  Do not become ‘a patient’ but be patient. For by letting your mental-physical states and symptoms change you – which means feeling and expressing the other selves that they express – those selves will gradually no longer need to express themselves through states or symptoms of ‘illness’.

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